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I would go with reinstalling process because it indeed fixes a lot of sound issues at once. For now, I will show you how to update Windows 11 audio drivers. Updating the app is a crucial factor for fixing no audio issues on discord By updating the app, you will be able to fix the discord audio not working issues on screen sharing. Grant administrative access to fix discord screen share audio loading. There are several reasons why you might not get any audio when sharing your screen. You could be facing bad audio drivers, lack of administrator access to Discord or just some program bugs the development team hasn’t worked out yet.

  • So long as you are sending audio from OBS, it will be sending over NDI.
  • Sometimes the Discord App itself gets confused if you are screen sharing between games and applications.
  • So, the solution to this problem is to update the driver and to detect the faulty driver.
  • Miles Morales went from DLC and propaganda about sales disappointment to being a great game running RT60 and continuing to be a sales juggernaut while still charting regularly.

In the Recording tab, there is an option to display disabled devices. This will display a list of all of the audio inputs on your computer, including any that are currently disabled. On the Control Panel, you will be able to see all of your settings. Now, select the Sound option from the drop-down menu. Good options can be found in the Control Panel. The Sound dialog box will appear on the screen.

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Discord platforms allow users to share audio and it is one of the best features of this platform. If you are looking to enable audio on-screen sharing discord you can do it very easily and quickly.

Fundamental Aspects For Device Manager Considered

A number of players on Reddit are reporting problems with huge lag spikes since the Season 4 update. There’s a handy indicator available in ‘General Settings’ of Suyin Drivers Windows 10 the game that allow you to check the latency in your game and determine the underlying issue. Solutions like port forwarding, flushing DNS, or shutting down overlays might work, but it’s not guaranteed. Reportedly, the game also has had constant crash issues, problems in joining hosted games, and ridiculously long waiting times in lobbies. One fan even had to wait for over 56 minutes to get into the game, and when he did, the game restarted. “Warzone’s Pacific update has caused a ton of bugs and glitches for Xbox users and now, they can’t even launch the game,” it says.

You must be a member of a server to enable a video chat with a screen share option. Check if the right recording input device is selected or not, and then check if discord has been allowed with proper access to the microphone settings or not. If you have not updated your Discord app and you are facing the no audio issue, then it is highly recommended to download its latest version from safe and legit sources. Do not randomly download the updated version of Discord from the internet. Browse through the application store of your device and lookup for any updated version of Discord, if available.

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